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2,127 Dinners of Love Delivered

When COVID-19 first broke out in Gunnison County, Living Journeys knew it would add tremendous stress and worry to our family, friends, and neighbors in the Valley who are battling cancer. A few generous donors approached Living Journeys — they wanted to offer extra support to our clients so they could stay safe at home during this crisis. And so Boxes of Love and Dinners of Love were created!

Since April, our clients have received 357 boxes of fresh food and 2,127 dinners!

We’re coordinating with two amazing cooks, Jodi Nute and Luisa Naughton, who are making and delivering nutritious homemade dinners for approximately 35 clients and their families twice a week.

Living Journeys is excited to continue our new Food Program into 2021 and we will team up with Mountain Roots in the spring to deliver boxes of bountiful local produce to our community impacted by cancer.

“I’ve cried often over the past few years with the knowledge that I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, my fight against it, and the physical pain it has caused me. I am happy to say that I cried again, this time at the thought that you people have made it a priority to make our lives a little better with your dinners to us… [We] are amazed at what you guys are doing for us and for the community.”

— Bob Wotjko, Gunnison County resident

“What I enjoy most about working with Living Journeys is meeting the clients and their families. On food delivery days I love driving down dirt roads I never knew existed, passing political signs proclaiming our differences. I’m always to be reminded that, essentially, we are all the same. Cancer transcends demographics and…my hope is that at the end of the day, a mason jar of homemade soup has made someone’s evening a little easier and that they feel loved, nourished, and supported from all corners of the Gunnison Valley.”

— Jodi Nute

“I lost my father to cancer almost 11 years ago and understand how stressful and emotional a cancer diagnosis is for the whole family. Sometimes meals are the last thing families want to think about. I studied health and nutrition and became a certified natural chef with the belief that food is medicine. I love being a part of this program that cooks and delivers nutritious meals to families in our community each week. It is my hope that in these meals, we are providing spoonfuls of nourishment as well as some relief. Living Journeys is a treasure of an organization in our community.”

— Luisa Naughton

Your donation today will help ensure local families battling cancer continue to receive access to healthy, local foods and meals.

Food Delivered
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