Colton’s Story

By Nicole, Colton's mom

Colton and Family

Colton is a Living Journeys client. He is 10-year-old who has been fighting cancer for 5 years.

“Nov 23 was Colton’s 5-year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer. This year has been the hardest year yet, the trial treatment this summer was very hard on him and he was having seizures and lost all cognitive functions, motor skills, he had memory loss, and he lost the ability to walk. Our son needs constant care, even his younger brother (our 7-year-old) needs to be on call between the seizures, throwing up, and falling down Colton cannot be left alone for a second.

Our son’s cancer has stopped everything including work. We could not do it without the support from Living Journey. From important financial support, which has kept us in our home and our bills paid when we can’t work, to emotional support when we can’t find the strength to keep going, to extra special gifts for Christmas to bring happiness during an extremely difficult time.

Living journeys has changed the course of our lives in the last couple months, as I wasn’t sure if we would have to sell our house or if we would even have a vehicle that was worthy enough to take Colton for appointments in Denver. Living Journeys changed that and got us through it; Living Journeys has giving us a priceless of relief so we can focus our son.

Thank you is not enough.”

Donating to Living Journeys helps families like Colton’s. Will you help us get to our year-end fundraising goal so that we can continue supporting Gunnison County residents facing cancer.
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