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Community and Local

By Maggie Dethloff

Maggie Dethloff

I was asked why I support Living Journeys and the answer is simple: community and local.

I moved a lot as a kid and it wasn’t until I moved to the Gunnison Valley that I began to understand what community truly means. From the moment I arrived in Crested Butte in 1987 I was blown away by the spirit of giving/helping others and the unwritten motto, “We take care of our own”, that is a part of everyday life in this small community.

Living Journeys portrays that motto beautifully by doing their best to support all community members and their families who are living with cancer.

Bottom line, donations to Living Journeys stay in the valley and help our neighbors and friends.

Will you join me in making a donation to Living Journeys?

The Impact of Your Donation:

· $50 sponsors one meal for a couple and provides COMFORT

· $100 sponsors one meal for a family and provides TIME

· $500 sponsors one month of support group meetings and provides STRENGTH

· $1,000 sponsors transportation and lodging for a client traveling for treatment and provides SUPPORT

· $2,500 supports Youth Group activities and provides COMMUNITY

· $5,000 supports private therapy for a client and their family provides COURAGE

· $10,000 provides 1 year of our Transportation Program to our clients and provides HOPE

· $25,000 provides 1 year of our Nutrition Meal Program to our clients and provides NOURISHMENT

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