Financial Grants Improve Quality of Life

By Living Journeys Board and Staff

Living Journeys plans to continue serving more families, growing our vital programming, and growing the financial assistance program to meet all of our client’s needs.


Financial Grants Improve Quality of Life

Living Journeys provides quarterly financial grants to clients and their families to ease the financial burdens associated with cancer.

These grants positively impact the quality of life by ensuring clients can pay medical bills not covered by insurance and ensure continued access to basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing.

Living Journeys’ Financial Grants Committee consists of six local, qualified professionals who volunteer their time to review 15-18 anonymous applications quarterly. Their advice, discussions, and final recommendations provide Living Journeys with the framework to allocate the available funds to our clients.

Our organization seeks to provide Financial Assistance to everyone in need, but the need always exceeds our resources.

Living Journeys is able to grant up to $5,000 to clients and their families quarterly, but cancer patients and their families often face daunting financial pressures and loss of income. Affording insurance, hospital and treatment bills, personal expenses, and the fearsome possibility of expensive treatments and lifestyle changes are faced daily by cancer patients and their families. The ability to make mortgage or rent payments and/or afford nutritional food for better recovery may be at risk.


  • In 2020 Living Journeys granted $66,000 in financial assistance but was asked for almost $135,000 from 49 applicants.
  • In 2021, Living Journeys distributed $110,000 in financial grant assistance to 55 families, but we were asked for over $221,000 in support.
  • This year, we granted $160,000, but were asked for over $249,000 from 64 applicants.

You can see even as we grow, the need also continues to grow.

No one should fight cancer alone, and the people of Gunnison County have come to rely on help from Living Journeys in their greatest time of need.

But Living Journey relies on you to ensure we can answer the call and help those who desperately need support in their fight for their lives.

Community helping community is what the Gunnison Valley does best. Your gift really does make a difference, and we would like to thank you in advance for your generous support.

The Impact of Your Donation:

· $50 sponsors one meal for a couple and provides COMFORT

· $100 sponsors one meal for a family and provides TIME

· $500 sponsors one month of support group meetings and provides STRENGTH

· $1,000 sponsors transportation and lodging for a client traveling for treatment and provides SUPPORT

· $2,500 supports Youth Group activities and provides COMMUNITY

· $5,000 supports private therapy for a client and their family provides COURAGE

· $10,000 provides 1 year of our Transportation Program to our clients and provides HOPE

· $25,000 provides 1 year of our Nutrition Meal Program to our clients and provides NOURISHMENT

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