“Hope it the best medicine you could have…

When you donate to Living Journeys, you're supporting families like Jodi and Adam.

In August of 2020, the two different breast cancers (one in each breast) that Jodi had staved off since 2018 returned. One cancer was now stage 4, having spread to her liver and her lymph system, and by January of 2021, she had to stop working to focus on fighting her cancer. The doctors gave her 18 months to live at most. As a single mother with a then 10 year old son, this diagnosis threw both of their lives into the unknown. 

Over the last three years, double what she was supposed to live, Jodi received private therapy for her and her son, financial grants to help pay rent and pay bills, weekly boxes of produce and cooked meals, and so much more through Living Journeys programs.

By donating to Living Journeys, you show Jodi our community is behind her – you give her and her son hope and courage when they need it most. 

Without community cancer support, Jodi would not have access to any of these resources, for herself or her son. When something goes wrong or Jodi doesn’t know where to turn, Living Journeys means they have someone to call who will listen and support to find solutions.

Demand for our services is increasing year after year, and you can help provide critical care and resources. No one in Gunnison Valley should fight cancer alone.

Will help give Jodi and her son the hope and courage they need to keep fighting?

When you donate to Living Journeys, you give hope to Jodi and families like hers.


All donations, regardless of the amount, make an impact. Here is what your gift can do:

  • $100 gives a family a meal and provides COMFORT
  • $250 gives a family fresh produce for a month and provides NOURISHMENT
  • $500 sponsors youth programs and provide COMMUNITY
  • $1,000 sponsors transportation and lodging for a client traveling for treatment and provides SUPPORT
  • $2,500 provides 25 counseling sessions and inspires COURAGE
  • $5,000 sponsor an individual and provide STRENGTH
  • $10,000 sponsors a family and provides HOPE
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