The Fishers

[It] was something I did not expect and will never forget

By Stephanie Fisher

Living Journeys has been so supportive as my kids and I navigate the rollercoaster that happens when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. When my children’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Living Journeys was there to help with rides to chemotherapy, food, emotional support, and financial assistance.

The amount of love from the Living Journeys community was something I did not expect and will never forget. The way that Living Journeys stepped in to help support my family was incredible.

After he passed away, the love continued on and still does now 3 years later. Living Journeys has been a consistent group who I can count on for my own emotional needs while raising two children who have lost their father. My kids have also received consistent therapy through this entire process.

Going through these tough times was not something I anticipated but I can’t imagine doing this without Living Journeys. I can not thank them enough.

the Fishers
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Abe Fisher
"Living journeys has helped us get through all our tough times after our dad, Abe, died. They made donations for our family, paid for our therapy, and even helped with extra activities. They made us feel like we could be open about our healing. Living journeys' support taught us how to grieve our dad in a healthy way. Even after our dad passed away they continued to lift up our family."
-Tyus Fisher, 14 and Mira Fisher,11
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