Living Journey's story - Jodi Adam

Jodi’s Story

I’m a single mom with cancer, fighting hard to be there for [my son]

Living Journey's story - Jodi Adam

I am a single mom to a wonderful 13- year son. I’m also living with cancer and I’m fighting hard to be there for him, to watch him grow up.

In early August of 2020, my cancer returned – two different breast cancers, one in each breast. One was stage 4 cancer, having spread to my liver and lymph system. The doctors gave me 18 months to live. That was almost 3 years ago.

By January 2021, I had to stop working so I could focus full-time on treatment and healing. I keep up with my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey by spending as much time with my son as I can.

With Living Journeys support, I can afford to pay rent and bills, as well as keep up with a growing teenager. They’ve also helped with travel reimbursement, weekly meals, emotional therapy for both of us, and so much more. I don’t know where we would be without Living Journeys.

Thank you,


Crested Butte resident

When you donate to Living Journeys, you give hope to Jodi and families like hers.

Living Journey's story - Jodi Adam
Living Journey's story - Jodi Adam

All donations, regardless of the amount, make an impact. Here is what your gift can do:

  • $100 Sponsor a meal for a family
  • $250 Provide enrichment opportunities for a cancer patient
  • $500 Sponsor an activity for the Youth Group
  • $1,000 Provide a cancer patient with private therapy
  • $2,500 Help a cancer patient travel for treatment
  • $5,000 Provide financial support to an individual
  • $10,000 Provide financial support to a family
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