Kooler Focused Exclusively on Living Journeys

Why we focus on one specific organization: A tenacious, heart-centered organization that runs lean

Pat O'Neill from Kooler Garage Doors talks about why they give all their charitable budget to Living JourneysHello Gunnison County Community,

Kooler Garage Doors is a huge sponsor of Living Journeys as we’ve consolidated our charitable efforts to focus on one specific organization to maximize our giving efforts in ways that align with our company mission: to strengthen the communities where we live, work, and play.

Living Journeys is a tenacious, heart-centered organization that runs lean and maximizes its dollars and resources to provide vital support to local families affected by cancer.

Matt recently featured Living Journeys on his podcast:

It is truly beautiful to see what this organization has done over the past 20 years. It’s a privilege to know our charitable contributions are going to support real people living with real human experiences. Life is precious and we are serious about our commitment to support our communities – and the connections and resources Living Journeys provides our neighbors is truly beautiful and awe inspiring.

Get involved. Give and support. No one fights cancer alone in our communities.

Matthew S. Kuehlhorn

Owner of Kooler’s Garage Doors and Gunnison County resident


All donations, regardless of the amount, make an impact. Here is what your gift can do:

  • $100 Sponsor a meal for a family
  • $250 Provide enrichment opportunities for a cancer patient
  • $500 Sponsor an activity for the Youth Group
  • $1,000 Provide a cancer patient with private therapy
  • $2,500 Help a cancer patient travel for treatment
  • $5,000 Provide financial support to an individual
  • $10,000 Provide financial support to a family
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