Family of four at the summit of Mt Crested Butte

“Living Journeys became a lifeline…” by Eric Larsen

Cancer isn’t just a word; it’s a journey into darkness and fear, overwhelming both physically and mentally. When I received my Stage 3b Colorectal cancer diagnosis in January 2021, I had no idea what lay ahead—a whirlwind of appointments, treatments, stress, and despair that completely reshaped my life.

During 12 grueling weeks of chemotherapy, I became so weak that simple tasks like lifting an empty cardboard box became impossible. Nights were spent fighting nausea while listening to my family’s dinner conversation.

In those terrible moments, it felt like I was seeing the future play out in real time: my family’s life without me.

The subsequent radiation and surgery to remove a part of my colon brought their own challenges, leaving me bedridden for months, grappling with debilitating pain and the toll that took on my relationships.

But dealing with cancer isn’t just about physical pain; it’s a battle for mental and emotional resilience. This is where Living Journeys became a lifeline.

The financial strain of treatment and travel was daunting, as a self-employed individual. Living Journeys stepped in, easing financial worries and providing essential support for my family and me through weekly meals, boxes of produce, and more.

Their support groups and therapy sessions were instrumental in rebuilding our spirits and mental health, a journey we continue today.

Having cancer is like drowning, and neighbors, friends, and family aren’t always available to throw you a rope. Knowing that someone has your back amid the despair of cancer is invaluable. Living Journeys became that constant presence, always there to throw a lifeline when needed.

And then there is the indescribable value of knowing that someone ‘has your back.’ It’s the deepest feeling of despair. Luckily, Living Journeys is a constant presence that is ALWAYS there to throw you a line.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Living Journeys saved my life.

They are a crucial pillar of support for our community, deserving of your support. In 2023, I joined Living Journeys Board of Directors and I’m excited to be involved in the growth of this vital organization and to give back to the community that supported me through my cancer journey.

Will you help us raise $50,000 to ensure that no one in Gunnison County has to fight cancer alone?

Thank you,

Eric Larsen

Polar Explorer, Husband, Father, Cancer Survivor, Crested Butte resident, and Living Journeys Board Member

Family of four at the summit of Mt Crested Butte
Eric and his family on the summit of Mt Crested Butte during the 2023 Living Journeys Summit Hike.
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