Making a Difference

No one in Gunnison County has to face cancer alone

Our Impact

Living Journeys strives to reach 100% of Gunnison County residents diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to support from our community, we were able to serve more people in 2021 than we had in 2017, 2018, and 2019, combined.



Living Journeys gives cash grants directly to cancer patients and their families to help with living expenses and medical bills. Our transportation fund is separately available to reimburse those who have to travel for treatment.



Every week, Living Journeys provides healthy, homemade meals to our clients who are in the thick of treatment or need support while recovering. We also provide produce boxes to clients when they are seasonally available.



Since 2017, Living Journeys has subsidized over 1000 private emotional therapy sessions for cancer patients, their caretakers, and their families.


…Then one day, out of the clear blue, we received an anonymous donation for thousands of dollars. It was generosity beyond anything I had ever known; generosity that my family and I desperately needed. For years, I wondered who it was who had shown me such kindness. I silently thanked him or her every day of my treatment, which eventually became my recovery.

Mikaela Berglund, Secretary of the BOD, Loving Journeys

I have witnessed a good support group provide a much-needed lifeline, a place to share feelings confidentially, make new friends, and learn from others who have walked a similar path.  When people with a common purpose and shared life experience come together they are less likely to feel alone, negative, depressed, anxious and symptoms of loneliness and fatigue melt away, if only for an hour.

Laura Scales, Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

The Living Journeys Youth Group was so helpful for me when my mom was diagnosed and eventually passed away from breast cancer. There isn’t anything quite like knowing you have a group of people that you can turn to who will immediately understand what you’re going through, simply because they’ve been in a similar situation.

Both cancer and death are really stigmatized subjects that most people have a hard time talking about, so one thing I’ve really appreciated has been having a place where talking about death is met with both support and a good dose of morbid humor. Losing a parent young can feel really isolating at times and I’m really grateful for the community Living Journeys has fostered so that no one who has been affected by cancer has to process it alone.

Lily Fessendern

When I was informed that I had a very bad cancer, I was shocked.  Most folks with adrenal cortical carcinoma stage 3 search for outcomes and learn 20 percent of patients survive 5 years. After surgery and during my chemo treatments, Living Journeys helped arrange food, counseling, and support for my children.  It was a dark time for me. Through it all, I attended cancer support meetings with other CB Cancer folks.  Some are still here.  Many have passed.  I will forever be grateful to the good folks that built Living Journeys’ support infrastructure and funded it.  Living Journeys gave me hope when I was in need.

Al Smith, Camp4Coffee, no evidence of disease for 8 years

My sigh of relief is audible all the way from across the street on Thursday afternoon as I pull a healthy, homemade meal out of the cooler on our front porch. This meal is there every week. It is constant. It is nourishing. It makes my night doable. It reminds me every single week, that there are community members still supporting our family. It reminds me that five years into this cancer thing, we are still getting support from Living Journeys.

Client, Caretaker, Fulltime Mother of 2

I had no idea the extent of Living Journeys programs and the many ways they support families with cancer in the valley. They started bringing us meals, delivering produce boxes, offering travel reimbursements, quarterly financial grants, covering emotional therapy, the list goes on.

Cancer Survivor

Your organization has a heart and a soul. It has embodied a life force. I feel very fortunate to have experienced this.


Living Journeys Client, 2017

When Living Journeys grants us money the support goes much deeper than financial. It shows me that you care about me being here and that I’m a worthy cause.

Living Journeys Client, 2018

Support Groups & Private Therapy

The need for support groups within the valley has grown, and Living Journeys has grown with it.  We now offer monthly support groups for cancer patients, as well as for caregivers and the bereaved which are open to all Gunnison County residents, not just those affected by cancer.

Grants for one-on-one counseling, otherwise known as private therapy, are available to all Gunnison County residents affected by cancer, including family members and caretakers.

Financial & Transportation Assistance

Living Journeys provides financial assistance to help offset the costs that can accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Clients can apply for quarterly cash grants, as well as reimbursements of transportation expenses for travel required for treatment or follow up appointments.

We’re also able to offer assistance for clients who need help getting to or from treatments or follow-ups. Our robust list of local volunteer drivers has helped facilitate getting patients to and from countless appointments.

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