Living Journeys created the food program in March of 2020 as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our clients and their families. In that first year we worked with local chefs, restaurants, and farmers’ markets to provide home delivery of healthy meals and boxes of produce. From March to December 2020, we delivered over 2,100 healthy meals and 360 boxes of produce to 44 families (over 120 people) in Gunnison Valley.

Healthy food is essential for healing, and we’re proud to have not missed one week of meal deliveries since the program started. The COVID-19 pandemic has eased, but we’re still committed to providing nutritious, easy meals for our clients who are undergoing treatment or are in the early stages of recovery.

Nothing says “we’re here for you” quite like homemade meals delivered to your door every week!


My sigh of relief is audible all the way from across the street on Thursday afternoon as I pull a healthy, homemade meal out of the cooler on our front porch. This meal is there every week. It is constant. It is nourishing. It makes my night doable. It reminds me every single week, that there are community members still supporting our family. It reminds me that five years into this cancer thing, we are still getting support from Living Journeys.

Client, Caretaker, Fulltime Mother of 2

I had no idea the extent of Living Journeys programs and the many ways they support families with cancer in the valley. They started bringing us meals, delivering produce boxes, offering travel reimbursements, quarterly financial grants, covering emotional therapy, the list goes on.

Cancer Survivor
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