“Nothing in my life has been this scary or challenging…”

Moose and Kelly at the 2023 Summit Hike & Trail Runs

“All cancers suck. And every case is different. But, in reality, I knew very little about cancer until being diagnosed, and honestly until I applied for my first [financial assistance] grant, I did not know that Living Journeys even existed.

I’ve done some pretty scary/adrenaline packed stuff in life. MANY of us living here have… the Gunnison Valley makes extreme/endurance sports commonplace compared to most of the world. But nothing in my life has been this scary or challenging.

Fighting cancer has shown me the lowest of the lows. Rock bottom. Cancer is just as taxing mentally as it is physically.

Having a team like Living Journeys prop you up to keep enjoying the sweeter things in life is a complete recharge, and it turns your mind away from the ugliness of cancer treatment and recovery.

Living Journeys has been an invaluable resource during my cancer battle.  Financially, mentally, physically, and socially, the support provided has helped me win!

Make no mistake… my treatment and recovery has been an absolute nightmare. Early on my oncologists felt this cancer was not only treatable… but it would be curable.  I was warned that treatment would be tough, and recovery probably tougher.

They were right.

I’ve faced complications at almost every step in this process, and they took my body and mind right to the edge of what I could handle. Thank you for being there with me, Living Journeys. And, thank you also for being there for my family! The support has directly helped them too.

I am starting to feel normal and am returning to life as it was before.  After many months of difficulty eating, speaking, breathing, and extreme nausea, I’m still dealing with lingering side effects and lymphedema in my neck/throat. My doctors are very happy with my progress and feel that I am quite a bit ahead of schedule. I have stabilized my weight, and I am working out, and getting stronger every day.  I have been skiing a few times, and on the river.  Deep breathing is still quite difficult, but my immune system is strong again. My chemo port should be removed in early April.

One thought really carried me through all this chaos: LIVE. I think that’s what Living Journeys is all about!”

-Ernest “Moose” Hofer


When you make a donation to Living Journeys you’re supporting people like Moose.

Every gift matters! The impact of your donation:

  • $25 provides a healthy meal and NOURISHMENT
  • $50 gives produce boxes for two weeks and provides STRENGTH
  • $100 provides a Support Group Meeting and provides COMFORT
  • $500 sponsors youth programs and inspires COMMUNITY
  • $1,000 sponsors a client’s medical travel and provides SUPPORT
  • $5,000 sponsors an individual and inspires COURAGE
  • $10,000 sponsors a family and provides HOPE


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