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Randy Morgan’s Story

I reluctantly reached out for support and was quickly met with encouragement

Randy MorganIn December 2021 I got the dreaded and shocking news. “You have cancer”. After 62 years of living a very healthy and active lifestyle, I was truly floored.

Soon after the diagnosis, I underwent surgery in Denver, followed by radiation in Grand Junction and, chemotherapy though Gunnison Valley Health Cancer Center. I am currently looking forward to my last three sessions of targeted treatments at the Center and plan to have this completed by June 15, 2023. Yippee!

After just a couple months of my battle, it became obvious that I could not continue with my job at Gunnison County Health and Human Services. This was a career that I’d had for 23 years and planned to continue for at least another year. Retirement meant the challenge of finding the best health insurance coverage option and good coverage was crucial. For me, this meant staying on my employer’s insurance plan, going onto COBRA.

As I began worrying about how I was going to manage the lost wages in addition to the extremely high COBRA costs, someone suggested I check into financial assistance through Living Journeys.

Once I reluctantly reached out for the support, I was quickly met with the encouraging words from Julie. She immediately let me know of the process to request financial support, in addition to the other services like therapy, meals, transportation and ongoing support groups.

A huge burden was eased by Living Journeys willingness to help me pay those expensive monthly premiums. What a relief to be able to maintain my insurance coverage, enabling me to continue on my path to wellness.

I received additional support through Living Journeys to assist with travel expenses to Denver for medical appointments. I have also taken advantage of the online support groups. It is always good to connect with others that truly understand where you’re coming from.

Lastly, even though I have not taken advantage of the individual therapy offered, it gives me a great deal of comfort and reassurance to know these services are available to me, my spouse, and my children, if needed.

Gunnison Valley is extremely fortunate to have this wonderful organization. The services and support provided are valuable beyond words.

Thank you,

Randy Morgan

Gunnison County resident

When you support Living Journeys, you give hope to Randy and families like hers. YOU can make an impact in the lives of cancer patients in Gunnison County.

Living Journeys, Randy Morgan
Living Journeys, Randy Morgan

All donations, regardless of the amount, make an impact. Here is what your gift can do:

  • $100 Sponsor a meal for a family
  • $250 Provide enrichment opportunities for a cancer patient
  • $500 Sponsor an activity for the Youth Group
  • $1,000 Provide a cancer patient with private therapy
  • $2,500 Help a cancer patient travel for treatment
  • $5,000 Provide financial support to an individual
  • $10,000 Provide financial support to a family
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