Richard Melnick

Stepping Up, A Story of Childhood Cancer. Part One.

In 2001, a local 7th grader was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and though I hadn’t met the young woman or her family, I had a clear memory of what they might be going through and was compelled to help.

Maybe four years later, my donation long since forgotten, I was having a terrible day, upset about who-knows-what, and while walking into the hardware store, there was the young woman standing at the counter, instantly recognized, laughing and giggling with her friends. I forgot what I was shopping for, returned to my car, and wept. Tears of gratitude that I\’d played a small, hidden role in this vibrant young woman’s life and tears of shame for forgetting what’s important. 

Years later still, I ran into the young woman again and was delighted to learn that she’d become a nurse. She’s also the kind of person you would want for a sister, daughter, co-worker and friend. Oh, and she’s a Living Journeys Board member too.

Please join me in supporting Living Journeys. You’ll be helping in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Thank you,

Richard Melnick

Cancer Survivor & Living Journeys Donor

Mikaela Berglund and husband

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