Laurie Boscaro

Why I’m a part of Living Journeys

From a therapist's perspective

Grief is inevitable for most of us. I believe in the human capacity for resilience & work collaboratively with clients on successfully living with and growing from the effects of stress, illness, loss, & trauma. Sometimes having more tools & skills to better manage daily life are what’s required, and other times deeper self healing work can allow for heavy burdens and old beliefs to transform, alchemizing experiences into integrated gifts. You have the right to enjoy a more satisfying life of creativity & fulfillment, embodying the amazing human you were created to be.

I’ve always been impressed with how much Living Journeys is able to offer our small community.

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I’ve since became a psychotherapist and have gotten to be part of Living Journeys in new ways and It has been such an honor to spend time with the community on a regular basis.

  • In 2015, I helped to create the Living Journeys teen group. This group offers support to teens whose parents have or have passed away from cancer.
  • In 2016 I started doing individual therapy with individuals living with cancer who had received Living Journeys therapy grants.
  • In 2017 I took on the Gunnison Cancer Survivors Support Group.

It’s been amazing to watch the organization grow through the years and offer more support. I’ve worked with clients who have benefitted from the delivery of meals that meet their dietary needs, exercise and yoga classes, opportunities to tell their stories through video, rides to treatment, and more.

The fact that Living Journeys exists and offers so much is a true reflection of what a great community we live in. The Gunnison Valley shows up for people in need and Living Journeys is a perfect example of such generosity and support.

-Laurie Boscaro, MA, LPC

Since 2017 Living Journeys clients have received over 1,000 hours of subsidized private emotional therapy
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