Marv and Marty Weidner

Supporting caregivers during cancer

My name is Marv and I’d like to share a little bit about how I ended up being a part of the Living Journeys community. Caregivers are often forgotten in the hurry to help the cancer patient, but we often experience exhaustion, stress, trauma, and loss. I certainly experienced all of those and more while caring for my wife, Marty, who passed away a few years ago from lung cancer.  Living Journeys provides support to everyone impacted by cancer – including caregivers.  They offer grief counseling, cathartic activities like storytelling and journaling, and, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to volunteer and help other cancer patients and their caregivers. The unique support and community that Living Journeys provides is invaluable to Gunnison County. Thank you, Marv Weidner

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