Marv Weidner

Sustain the Mission

by Marv Weidner

Living Journeys is our community supporting each other

Living Journeys’ goal to serve everyone in Gunnison County who is impacted by cancer is an inspiration to all of us. Together we will make sure everyone impacted by cancer here in the Valley knows their community is here for them.

Let’s raise the money we need to fulfill that mission

I was invited to kick off the annual campaign to raise funds to reach anyone and everyone in our Valley impacted by cancer. Imagine that no one has to face cancer alone!  That is what Living Journeys is all about. I see every day the difference Living Journeys is making in the lives of those who have cancer and those supporting them through this very difficult journey.

Living Journeys is very well managed and very well led.  88% of all funds donated go directly to financial assistance and services to those impacted by cancer.

My Motivation is Personal

My motivation to volunteer and contribute as much as I can to Living Journeys is personal. My wonderful wife Marty passed away from cancer in July of 2017. When we heard about Living Journeys late that Spring, Marty was too weak to participate in the programs available at that time. I was taking care of her 24×7, so I couldn’t participate then either.

For many months after Marty passed, Living Journeys provided support to me through group and individual grief counseling activities. I’ll never forget what a  huge, positive difference this made in my healing process.

I find that the volunteer work I do for Living Journeys gives my life greater purpose.  In particular, serving on the Grants Committee, hearing the compelling stories of the impact cancer is having on people’ lives here in our community, and then being able to provide much need financial support is incredibly fulfilling.

Marty Weidner Memorial Gift of Love

In memory of my late wife, every year for three years running, I’m committing $10,000 and asking you, members of the community, to commit to sustained giving, year over year, at whatever level you can give. Please join me in helping community members through what is probably the most difficult time in their lives.

Making a Difference

Some of the remarkable differences Living Journeys is making for cancer patients, their families and caregivers include:

  • Delivering nutritious meals twice weekly,

  • Granting $100,000 in financial assistance,

  • Supporting youth and children impacted by cancer,

  • Group and individual psychological support for cancer patients,

  • Support for caregivers,

  • Transportation to treatments.

Marty Weidner

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