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A Thank You letter from an 11-year-old

In the midst of this pandemic, many of our friends and neighbors are also fighting cancer and we need your help supporting our most vulnerable community members right now. 

At Living Journeys, we’ve pivoted to providing support to our community in a new, unique way during this time: we’re delivering fresh, nutritious foods and weekly dinners to our clients and their families.  In April, May, and June, Living Journeys delivered over 120 Boxes of Love (farmer’s market goodies) and 350 Dinners of Love (to-go dinners from local restaurants).

And we wanted to share one family’s response with you:

Dear Living Journeys Board and Staff, 

As Joel just left the house after having delivered a box of fresh food, I realize another thanks is due. I know from talking to Joel and others that a number of sponsors have made this possible for helping to purchase the food.   It is an especially strange and challenging time with Covid-19 on top of the underlying stress that is dealing with ongoing cancer treatments.  The willingness for sponsors to continue to step up to help, especially when some of them are receiving strong messages to stay out of Gunnison Valley is absolutely the definition of selflessness and compassion. 

It is times like this morning when the kids and I were excitedly putting away all the amazing and delicious food that it became obvious again what a special community we have, not just in folks on the ground here and now, but also those who are waiting patiently to return to their home.  It brings me to tears.  What a gift to not just have the essentials but little treats in there as well.  I can’t even describe the giddy cries when the kids found the jug of Sherpa Chai (seriously, their all-time favorite thing). 

I have been on my cancer journey for a couple of years now, and while at times I feel like it is just part of my new normal, I still value and appreciate the support you all provide and inspire others to provide. 

That appreciation will remain with me and my family in eternity. Much love to you all and please, please pass this along to all the individuals who have made this possible. 

In gratitude,

Laci Wright and family

Laci Wright

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